CHRISTENSON LONG PHISH ll 6'6 Futures Orange Tint

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The beloved CC Long Phish has had a complete face lift. Chris has refined the updated Long Phish II to step away from the retro cumbersome appeal and focus on performance and aesthetics.

6’6 x 20 5/8 x 2 1/2 Futures Plugs 6x4x4 Orange deck and rails (ACTUAL BOARD) PICTURED IN STOCK

Note: This is the new revised Long Phish File

With low crisp rails and no bulbous spots, the updated design features no beak and an aggressive double barrelled reverse fee that zeros out between the fins to loosen up the long rail design. Chris’ step deck lightens up the nose area to get ride of a chunky feel combining with the low CC airplane rail for drive, bite, hold and

The new Long Phish II has more curve in the outline to add more radius in turns and assist with backside surfing, whilst the added nose rocker livens up the board and increase the wave height range


- No deck logos, only bottom cigar off centre
- 6” Deep Swallow Tail
- Very Sharp Edges
- Fins are keels
- Black Apple Core Stringers only
- 1 1/4” Rail spray ok but no taper (in grey, black or
- Glassing is 6x4 deck and 6 bottom
- No Volan glassing.
- Clear, or with one sided tint top only.
- This is not a retro board.