O&E Premium XT 6FT Surf Leash Blue

Ocean Earth


O&E Premium XT 6FT Surf Leash Blue is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


  • Ocean and Earth Leash
  • Cord length: 6 ft (1.8 meters)
  • Cord diameter: 7mm ( 2/11")
  • Wave size: Super strong everyday leash designed for waves up to 8 ft
  • Strap: 50mm thick strap padding - Vertically moulded neoprene panels mould perfectly to your ankle for maximum comfort
  • Railsaver: Fully detachable rail saver with a secure velcro closure
  • Swivels:2 x marine grade stainless, anti-corrosive free-spin swivels allow for tangle free surfing
  • Flex neck: Flex neck strap plug allows for 360 degree movement of leash making it more comfortable when under stress
  • Plug buddy: An Ocean and Earth first, this ensures the leash string is easily threaded through the surfboards plug getting you surfing faster
  • Kink-free packaging: Specially designed new packaging for the ONE-XT leashes means no kinks or tangles keeping the leash super strong
  • New premium grade quality urethane formula developed by the world's leading manufacturer
  • One piece extruded cord design eliminates weak points making this leash super tough
  • Key pocket with secure velcro closure
  • Ocean and Earth branding

The Ocean and Earth One Piece XT leash comes brandishing statements like "the worlds strongest leash" and "40% more stretch" which sound like standard marketing nonsense. However, we managed to get hold of two of these leashes (as well as a standard leash from O&E and a cheap non branded leash) and tested them to destruction. The result? Well, the claims seem to be correct. This leash stretched to 14metres in length as stated on the Ocean and Earth website, 6 times it own length before giving up is pretty impressive. So if you are after a super strong leash, to keep you tethered to your board in even the heaviest of surf. Then look no further.