Ripcurl Dawn Patrol 22 L/SL Spring Spring Suit Black White (8/10/12)

Rip Curl


Rip Curl Womens Dawn Patrol 2mm Long Sleeve Spring Suit is part of Rip Curl's latest Dawn Patrol range of ladies surfing wetsuits.  The Womens Dawn Patrol 2mm Springy is built with Rip Curl's supple and stretchy E4 Neoprene, which has been featured all the way up to their top-of-the-line wetsuits.  The cut is not only flattering but ensures there are no seams in those high-rubbing zones, to mitigate rash.

The layered neck features smooth-skin on the inside, this creates a 'seal' against your neck, stopping cold water from running down the inside of the suit, brrrrr. An added bonus to this style of neck is that no stitching is in contact with your neck. This greatly reduces neck rash from looking side to side.

The buttery soft E4 neoprene is sewn together with Rip Curl's E-Stitch seam, arguably the most expandable/stretchy seam on the wetsuit market and works perfectly in the Dawn Patrol 2mm wetsuit as it does not inhibit the E4's stretch potential.

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