FCS II Performer Large Neo Glass (Free Freight)


Reliable all-round fin for a diverse range of surfers, conditions and board types. Well proportioned template with Inside Foil Technology (IFT) delivering a balance of drive, pivot and hold. This fin is an updated version of the old FCS G5/M5 template including the inner foil. Designed for surfers wanting a combination of speed and manoeuvrability with flow between turns. Suitable for a wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks. Good average wave to grovel fin when sized correctly - pairs well as a step down fin to the Accelerator.

Large (80kg +)

Base: 4.48" / 114mm
Depth: 4.67" / 118mm
Area: 15.58"² / 10054mm²
Sweep: 33.7º
Foil: Inside

Material: Neo glass