Futures John John Techflex Medium (Free Freight)


Fresh in new colour way Green Tip
This balanced fin hosts a medium base that carries through to a medium tip, features a flat foil, medium/upright rake and lots of drive. Great fin for medium/ large sized surfers in most conditions when paired with high performance shortboards. The stiffness of the techflex proves a lot of drive for a fin of this size, but the template and medium/upright amount of rake allow easy direction changes and general ease of use.
Medium (145lbs - 195lbs) (65kg - 88kg)
Side fins:
Height: 4.56" / 115mm
Base: 4.45" / 113mm
Area: 14.98" / 96.64 cm.²
Center fin:
Height: 4.52" / 114mm 
Base: 4.42" / 113mm
Area: 14.90" / 96 cm.²

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