Platino 8ft SSR HDPE Big Volume Apple Green White (Slick) Bottom Softboard

Platino Softboards


Platino 8ft SSR HDPE Big Volume Apple Green White (Slick) Bottom Softboard - Apple Green White 8ft SSR is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

New Platino Softboard Stock Has Arrived at Freeride for Summer

SSR (Surf School Rentals) New Stock Arriving SEptember 30 2020. Buy now and secure SEptember 30 delivery.

Dimensions: 8'0 x 25.47"x 3.7" 93CL

Platino (SSR) Big Volume 8ft Softboard....recommended for surfers 105kgs plus. Full volume and wider than normal makes it easy to get your balance right when standing up for the first time.


  • CORE - EPS (Expanded Beaded Polystyrene)/With Super PE Core Reinforcement        
  • DECK - EBS (EXTRUDED BARRIER DECK SKIN)                                                        
  • BOTTOM - H.D.P.E. (High Density Polyethylene)                                                                  
  • FINS - FCS Compatible Fin Box System and PU Fins                                                    
  • FEATURES - Wooden stringers moulded into the core, Tail bumper, Rubber Carry Handle. Leash Plug                                                                        

So what is different about the SSR board over the standard HDPE board?

The SSR is has a wider tail Block, is a wider and thicker board than the HDPE and Pro Series boards. The other features are that it has a thicker deck skin, and a reinforced PE Core moulded between the deck skin and the board's EPS core. In short this board can take more punishment and the increased volume and width will give more stability to students and renters.

 Dimension Comparison:

Standard Platino HDPE: 7ft x 22" x 3.22" / SSR 7ft x 25.47" x 3.93"

Standard Platino HDPE: 8ft x 22.59" x 3.26"/ SSR 8ft x 25.47" x 3.70"

Standard Platino HDPE: 9ft x 24.01 x 3.54 /SSR 9ft 29.72" x 4.40"