Ripcurl2017 Flashbomb GB 4/3mm Back Zip Steamer (LT+XLS+XL) FREE FREIGHT

  • Ripcurl2017  Flashbomb GB 4/3mm Back Zip Steamer (LT+XLS+XL) FREE FREIGHT
  • Ripcurl2017  Flashbomb GB 4/3mm Back Zip Steamer (LT+XLS+XL) FREE FREIGHT


From the Ultimate range of wetsuits

For the Surfer who wants the best wetsuit possible. No compromises. Constructed with the most advanced neoprene and loaded with the latest ocean technology.

It has landed! The brand new Flash Bomb for Winter /2017, featuring the all new E5 Flashdry lined Neoprene with 25% more flex than the traditional flashdry lining, thanks to a lower profile and much much less weight!.... But thats not all, the new E5 Flash Lining & E5 Taping offer the same quick drying and insulating properties, this suit is basically incredibly warm and flexible, a Freeride favourite. 

The technology which allows for this quick drying lies inside the suit. Using a back combed polypro lining Rip Curl have created a material which sheds water extremely quickly, essentially its like a type of furry fleece inside the suit which means there is a lot of space between the fibres which allows it to dry quickly. Another bonus to this furry fleece lining is the warmth and comfort it offers, this style of polypro will retain heat inside the suit so efficiently that you will be able to wear this suit for the majority of the year without getting cold. 
The Flashbomb also features a fully waterproof zip and new GBS technology which means zero water penetration allowing you to stay dry and warmer for longer. The new Rip Curl wetsuit uses the latest E5+ tape to reinforce all the seams on the inside which is more stretchy than the traditional liquid tape and it gives the same durability to seams of the suits, so no more pinholes. 

All in all the new Flash Bomb Series offers everything you could possible need in a wetsuit and ALOT more. 


1 year warranty on all materials