Shapers 2+1 7" Performance Box Thruster With 4'13" Shapers 2 Tab Side Bites



New School progressive Longboard Shapers Steve Del Rosso has designed the 7" Performance Box Fin with 4.13" Performance Side Fins with a upright template and less rake in the tip. This allows for quick and pivotal surfing with minimal drag. Combined with a flexi tip that springs out of turns with drive and speed.The 7" Performance Box delivers a new school performance of longboard surfing with the hold and stability to noseride.

Compatible with Box Fin System 

Side Bites Compatible with FCS lI


Box Fin: Blue, Black and Carbon Base | Side Fins: Black and Carbon Base


7" Performance Box Fin
Base: 127mm | 5"
Depth: 178mm | 7"


4.13" Performance Side Fins
Base: 109mm | 4.29"
Depth: 105mm | 4.13"

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