Shapers AM2 3-Fin Dual Tab



The Shapers AM2 dual tab combines the large Al Merrick template with a medium flex pattern, making this fin a versatile option for bigger surfers. The AM2 is designed to perform in a variety of conditions and has a wide base for drive off of the bottom, more rake for big carves and a finer tip for release off of the top. The most popular big guy raked fin, lots of base and rake for drive and length of turn, with a smaller centre fin to keep a lively feel. The Shapers AM2 dual tab is slightly larger than the FCS GAM.

Large (80kg+)

AM2 Side Fins:
Height: 4.73" / 120.1 mm
Base: 4.64" / 117.9 mm
Area: 15.98² / 103.10 cm²

AM2 Center Fin:
Height: 4.49" / 114.0 mm
Base:  4.63" / 117.6 mm
Area: 15.32² / 98.84 cm².

Material: Core lite

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