Shapers Core 1 Pro Glass Large 3-Fin Single Tab FREE SHIPPING



The Core I is a thruster setup that blends drive, control and release seamlessly, and has been designed to be the best all round template for performance surfing. The template will consistently perform in a wide variety of waves from short and punchy beach breaks, to sand bottom points and reef breaks. The Core I has been developed in our Pro Glass construction which is a robust full fibreglass construction, and offers a natural, dynamic flex pattern. 

Compatible with Futures




Black & Green


Size: Size: LARGE 85 - 100kgs / 185 - 220lbs
Base: 117mm | 4.61”
Depth: 119mm | 4.71"
Sweep: 35 degrees
Foil: Flat
Size: MEDIUM: 60 - 80kgs / 130 - 175lbs
Base: 114mm | 4.48"
Depth: 116mm | 4.56"
Sweep: 34 degrees
Foil: Flat

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