Shapers S9 XXL Large Stealth Carbon 3-Fin Single Tab FREE SHIPPING



Fin Description

The XXL is the largest high performance thruster set-up in the Shapers range. The XXL features an upright template that helps get the board on rail and tighten the turning arc. The fins have a lot of depth which provide stability and overall control. The Carbon Stealth construction perfectly suits the fins purpose, giving an extra large fin a responsive feel and the unique ability to load up on energy and then release, giving larger surfers extra drive and speed. Designed for larger and powerful surfers as a reliable thruster set up in all conditions and is also widely used as a performance thruster set for performance Longboarding and SUP’s.

Compatible with Futures Fin Systems

Fin Characteristics



Extra Extra-Large: 95KGS + / 210lbs +

Base: 120mm | 4.72" 
Depth: 133mm | 5.25" 
Sweep: 32 degrees 
Foil: I.F.T (Inner Foil Tech)

Fin Colour

Carbon, white & Black NetFlex


STEALTH SERIES: Engineered with carbon fibre through the leading edge whilst keeping the fin tip free to flex (load up). respond, and whipping out of turns. A rotational flex pattern that feels very lively and progressive, helping to generate speed! A popular construction that responds to the way they are surfed. .

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