Simon Anderson Varmit (Custom Order Now)

  • Simon Anderson Varmit (Custom Order Now)
  • Simon Anderson Varmit (Custom Order Now)

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 The Simon Varmit.........Normal length, wider board, wider nose area to normal width rounded square tail, single to double concave to vee at the tail, low soft modern rail.

This board has a long history from development shapes for an ageing clientele starting 5 plus years ago to inspiration in California from a MacNabb shape in 2014 to down south chance encounters earlier this year.

Varmit is a high volume high performance shorter style big board, assisting paddling and take off but not inhibiting performance.
The old style outline helps the Varmit feel rock solid through bottom turns, this is crucial to setting up the wave and maximising surfing enjoyment.
Surf as short as possible for your target volume for tighter turns in the pocket or surf longer for more help when coming back from an extended period out of the water or recovering from injury or surgery or old age. 

Low to mid smooth nose entry, moderate smooth tail rocker.
Comes standard with Carbon Toe Patches