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If you're looking to improve your surfing on dry land, then try a Slide Surf Skate. Freeride Surf Skate is New Zealand's No.1 Slide Surf Skate stockiest. Test ride the big range of Slide in store at Freeride Surf Skate, Henderson, Auckland. Shop Slide Surf Skates at Freeride Surf

Model: Gussie STINGRAY 31" 31″x 10.25″x 17″ WB- 7 PLY MAPLE DECK


The Gussie models are most versatile, recommended for experienced surfers or skaters, but also provides enough stability and manoeuvrability for beginners that want to improve their balance and reaction times on land or in the water.

Smaller boards have smaller wheel bases, in turn the reaction from the board will be quicker and sharper. Thanks to the Gussie set-up, it’s a model that will be your best friend on flat days.

Cut back lovers this one’s for you.

Truck Set: Slide Surf Skate Truck 3.0 (3rd Generation)

The 3rd generation truck set has all the improvements necessary: tighter turns, easier set-up and increased durability. Slide 3.0 encourages the rider to pump and generate speed like a surfer normally would on a surfboard – these skates are the real thing.

Board Dimensions:

  • Deck: 31" long x 10" wide
  • Deck Material: 7 sheets of Canadian Maple painted.
  • Front axle: New Wave 165 mm.
  • Wheelbase: 17" (43.18 cm).
  • Wheels: Black Slide. 70 mm x 55 mm/ 78A.
  • Bearings: ABEC 7.

Wheel Match: 70mm x 78A

Sharp angled profile.
Radical manoeuvres.

Other Slides Surf Skates with 70mm x 78A Wheels:


Improve your surfing or find the next best thing to surfing if you can’t get to the beach. The newly developed Slide 3.0 truck engineered for performance and precision skating brings you so much closer to surfing on concrete. 

  • The best option to surf around the city and try to do some dancing.
  • With its straight angled wheels that will increase even more the stability on your turns, you will be able to make powerful turns without sliding.
  • Great for surfing the streets and downhill carving
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