Whether you’re looking for children’s, women’s or men’s wetsuits, we’ve got everything covered. Enjoy full internal lining for warmer rides, unrivalled flexibility and comfort, and lightweight materials that promise minimal bulk and all-out stretch even in the harshest of weather conditions. Suitable for a range of temperatures and outdoor conditions, choose between cropped and sleeveless styles to full body wetsuits complete with hoods and thermal brain fuzz lining that insulates heat and dries super quickly.

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Find the perfect wetsuits for tackling your next ocean adventure and ensure that you stay warm and comfortable at all times. Ensuring that you’re ready to take on waves in the appropriate gear is vital to your outdoor experience, and our range of women’s and men’s wetsuits will do exactly that. Take a browse online to buy your first wetsuit or add another to your collection today. Need help? Feel free to give the team a call on 09 8359275 and we’ll be happy to help.