Customized Surfboard Ordering Process

So, you can't find exactly what you want to buy from our stock? Want to tweak a model slightly? Want a 5 fin set-up? 

At Freeride Surf & Skate, we take pride in creating personalized surfboards that reflect your unique style and enhance your time on the waves. Our experienced team will work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your custom order meets your expectations and delivers the ultimate surfing experience.

To ensure we bring your perfect custom surfboard to life all we need are a couple of core details to then provide you with a quote and production lead time. Not only can you custom order but we have quick shipping access on stock boards too direct from Australia.

Design Your Board

A Few Helpful Tips

  • Model

    We have an extensive range of boards and have a model for every surf. Choose the model, that suits you best.
  • Size / Width / Thickness

    It is possible to tweak and change stock dimensions.
  • Carbon Patches

    Carbon patches help to reinforce strength on your rail around the tail. This, is useful because the tail area is the first place to give out on your surfboard. This is due to the fact that your toes and heals really dig in when surfing. 

What We Need From You

Let us know your preferred surfboard brand. We have some of the largest brand collections of surfboards in Australasia. Pyzel, Album, Christenson, DHD, Chilli and more.

Choose the specific model that suits your surfing style and skill level. Whether you prefer a high-performance shortboard, a versatile fish, or a classic longboard we have you covered.

Specify the length of your custom surfboard. Determining the ideal size depends on factors such as your height, weight, and skill level. Our knowledgeable team can guide you in finding the optimal size for your needs.

The width of the surfboard plays a crucial role in stability and maneuverability. Let us know your preferred width or seek our advice to ensure the perfect balance for your surfing goals.

The thickness of the board affects buoyancy and paddle power. Providing us with your desired thickness allows us to create a surfboard that aligns with your specific requirements.

Surfboard volume is a key factor in determining the board's overall floatation and ease of use. Please indicate the volume range you prefer, or we can assist you in determining the appropriate volume based on your surfing ability.

Fin System
Choose your preferred fin system for your custom surfboard. We offer a variety of options, including Futures, FCS, and more. Each fin system offers unique characteristics that can enhance your surfing experience.

Fin Setup
Select your desired fin setup configuration. Whether you prefer the classic thruster, the speed and maneuverability of a quad setup, the versatility of a five-fin setup, or the retro feel of a twin fin or sugar fin setup, let us know your preference.

Choose your glassing finish. This refers to the layers of fiberglass cloth and resin that are applied to provide strength, durability and performance. We commonly use Standard - 4+4 Deck : 4 Bottom or Strong - 6+4 Deck : 4 Bottom, but there are ultra-light and bullet proof glassing options to enquire with our team.

Clear, Sprayed or Tinted with color of choice, Full tint, half spray, rail spray, deck inlays or anything else you have in mind. We can provide quotes on any added spray request.

The Process

The turnaround time varies, typically ranging from 4 to 8 weeks.

If you are in Auckland, we recommend you come down to the store with your current board and check out the stock boards we have - this is a great way to get a feel for the rails, rocker and foil of the board you want to order and to ask any questions, alternatively save your time and order through email

Once you've made your choice on dimensions we will provide a detailed quote and production lead time estimate. When you're ready to proceed, a simple security deposit is required to secure your order and the production process begins.


Deposits can be taken via credit card, bank transfer or Paypal or through our secure website. We provide Layby and Afterpay as alternative payment methods- Grab your board now and pay later in split payments.

You have the flexibility to make payments towards the remaining balance over the production period or upon the board's arrival. We offer secure, safe, and insured shipping throughout New Zealand. Your custom surfboard will be delivered to your doorstep, ready to ride the waves and embark on new adventures.

New Board Discounts

When ordering a custom or stock board we want to ensure you have everything you need for the best experience. We offer exclusive new board deals. Save on tail pads, fins, leashes, bags, and accessories.

Use discount code below at checkout with any new boards for 15% off any combination of tail pad, fins, leash and board bag bundle.

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And as an extra bonus for later you can use the 1 time discount code towards any other future purchases.


Not in Auckland?

International Orders

We have done many successful custom orders for people coming from Europe, Tahiti, London and the USA. Contact us! We take international orders for people coming to New Zealand on surf trips and travel. For international orders we encourage you to contact us first via email as early as possible so we can get your board built and ready for you on arrival.