Premium surfboard repair in Auckland

Your surfboard if your prized possession! Your companion as you head out to the ocean and surf all day, every day. If you’re heading off on a trip or you need your board fixed for a competition,  our team of experts will happily accommodate you in your time of need!  If by some chance you damage your surfboard and need it repaired, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive service for all kinds of surfcraft and fiberglass. Think dings, gauges, punctures, slices, fix boxes and more – we can help you recover your magic board in no time.


Since all boards and levels of damage are different, prices vary per case. Simply send a photo of the damage to to receive a quote and we’ll work with you from there. It’s important to note that fin box prices refer to a full replacement box, however if the original box or fin is salvageable, we may reduce the price. We’ll colour match parts as best as we can to ensure that the aesthetic of your board remains the same.

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When it comes to our surfboard repair in Auckland, we keep all boards stored in secure premises over the course of the repair. While we're committed to the care of your surfboard, we don’t take responsibility for events deemed beyond our control. Estimate times: 2 weeks. For urgent repairs, contact us on 09 8359275.