Salt Gypsy Dusty PU - Blush

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Salt Gypsy Dusty PU Longboard Blush 

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The Dusty is by no means a performance Longboard, this board is about getting onto waves really early, setting the line, and then feeling the trim as you cruise down the line. Optimum conditions are small to medium size waves, and it will really feel at home on a long point wave.

Looking for a ridiculously fun longboard for your quiver? Meet: the Dusty - a more retro style longboard with 60/40 rails and some traditional bottom contours to ensure the whole length of the board is usable. There’s some nose concave up front for the more experienced ladies chasing some hang five time, a simple rolled vee all the way through the back, and a decent amount of tail lift to assist with easy rail-to-rail turning.

Board Contours Nose Concave into Rolled Vee

Rail 60/40 Rail

Surfer Skill Level Beginner - Advanced , versatile performance for all levels

Wave Height 0-4ft, perfect for everyday fun!

NOTE: Rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level

8'0 21" 2 7/8" 54 ltr 9.5” Single  70kg or less
8'6 22" 2 7/8" 61 ltr 9.5” Single  70kg or less
9'0 22 1/2'' 3'' 69 ltr 9.5” Single 70kg or higher

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