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Freeride Surf Skate stocks the biggest range of Shapers Fins in New Zealand. Longboard Fins  are Shapers speciality. With the input of team riders Dane Pioli and Clinton Guest, Shapers have Longboard Fin design dialled in. To check out more SHAPERS LONGBOARD FIN OPTIONS follow this link. Use club discount code FREERIDE10 at checkout for a saving on this product.
Fin Description

The ever popular flex series, refined foils with a progressive flex pattern that allows the fin to flex, drive and accelerate through turns.
Ideal for shortboard single fins, mid-lengths and longboards. 

For those desiring a touch more bite and hold, the flex series can be combined as a 2+1 setup with shapers 3” pivot side bites.

Fin Colour

White / Clear


BASE: 6.45” 
DEPTH: 9.25”
RAKE: 36°
AREA: 38.46”