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One Bottle Makes 20 Litres

Sunbake® is a technologically advanced catalyst activated by Ultraviolet Light (UV). Specifically formulated for tough, bright polyester SURFBOARD laminating. Sunbake is ideal for surfboard construction as it creates a much stronger and clearer product whilst reducing toxic emissions (volatile organic compounds) from your working environment.

Sunbake allows for quicker and more cost effective production methods. It can be added to polyester resin in a similar way to commonly used peroxide based (MEKP) catalysts; hence no change is needed to your existing laminating procedure.

Sunbakes greatest advantage is the added strength it gives to your product. Ease and cost savings are also a huge bonus!

Convert To Liquid:

To convert Shapers SunBake® Powder into liquid add styrene monomer and shake for 30 seconds and allow the product to rest for 15mins before use. The liquid formula is provided in liquid form to ensure the best possible dispersion. Each can is 200mls with a mix ratio of 1% (10mls per litre). Therefore each can of SunBake® effectively coverts 20 Litres of Resin.

Styrene Monomer amount require for Sunbake:

5L Subake Converter requires 44mls of Styrene Monomer
10L Subake Converter requires 88mls of Styrene Monomer
20L Subake Converter requires 175mls of Styrene Monomer
Using Powder:

Sunbake is extremely easy to use. Shapers formula is advanced and concentrated with ½ a metric teaspoon (2.5grams) required to convert 1 Litre of resin.
NEW TECHNICALLY ADVANCED FORMAULA EXCLUSIVELY OFFERED BY SHAPERS MANUFACTURERS CO. Please leave resin to rest for 12hrs after adding the powder, before using.

Product Benefits:

Variations in flex caused by variations in temperature, humidity and variations in the quantity of catalyst to suit such conditions, are eliminated! This gives a much more consistent flex ratio to your product. This is a big development for the surf industry two boards shaped identically can still surf very different just because of a variation of flex caused through glassing.
Unused resin can be reused. No more waste!
Surfboards glassed in Sunbake will stay whiter and brighter longer than traditionally glassed surfboards.
Sunbake catalysed polyester resin will not get brittle in time like other UV curing products can. The underlying point is that Sunbake makes strong surfboards that are stronger, look better and last longer.
Sunbake can be mixed and used straight away. Unlike powder UV additives which need up to 48 hours to dissolve (depending on resin temperature). The advantage here is that a whole drum of resin does not have to be mixed at one time if you do not need to. For instance you may add 5ml of Sunbake to your 500ml of polyester resin, mix well and laminate as usual. When finished expose to UV light.
Sunbake is perfect for experienced Glasser who can laminate quickly, reducing soak time and preventing too much resin soaking into the foam, thereby creating the best “strength to weight” product. Just fold the last lap and “bake”.
Sunbake has better ‘Cure-Through’ than other UV catalysts on the market today. This means it cures down through the resin further and stronger than other similar products. Guaranteeing curing under rice paper decals and thick build-ups around fins etc. This also makes Sunbake the best choice for those who use UV Lamps.
Sunbake used in sanding coats allows the Glasser to cut exposure time (3-4 minutes depending on UV levels) to a “Green” stage to allow sanding and fairing. Full curing can be finished with later stages i.e. gloss coat cure time of ten minutes means all previous layers that have not been fully cured, will be.
Experienced Glassers can laminate and hot coat in a fraction of the time of conventionally glassed boards. This allows greater turn-over of product and a superior use of available space. Sunbake can therefore give a small factory additional capacity.
Sunbake is also great for the inexperienced Glasser .You have all the time in the world to get it right. When you are ready, expose to UV. Sunlight is free!