Southcoast Blank 7'3 Mini Mal

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Freeride Surf Skate specializes in surfboard building materials and surfboard blanks.

Surfboard manufacturers use our foam because of its white colour, closed cells (which allows minimal resin absorption), neat finish and work ability. To many, it is a surprise that surfboard blanks are almost entirely hand made and require a high level of skill; from the formulation and preparation of our chemicals, pouring the chemicals into the moulds, to finally installing stringers and hand planing the finished product. This is a complex process that we at Southcoast have developed and refined over our 30 years of operation.

Contact Freeride Surf Skate Henderson, Auckland, to discuss surfboard building materials.

1-5 Shortboard Blanks $70.00 North Island (6'0 to 7'3)

1-5 Shortboard Blanks $100 South Island (6'0 to 7'3)

1-2 Longboard Blanks $65 North Island (7'6 to10'4)

1-2 Longboard Blanks $100 South Island (7'6 to10'4)

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