Southcoast Brite 200 Laminating Resin 20 Litre

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Polyester Surfboard Laminating Brite 20L - Brite 200

The resin we sell has been specially formulated with our chemists to suit the growing needs of surfboard building. We continue to improve our formula by optimising surfboard specific gel times, resin colour and consistency, which is the reason our resin is being quickly adopted by some of the highest level malibu and shortboard manufacturers in the world.

The two colours we offer are Natural and Bright. Natural resin is a great all-round colour that dries clear and is ideal for being mixed with tints and pigments as it does not augment the colour. In addition, natural resin is ideal for ding repairs or laminating plain white boards with a large amount of cloth (i.e. mals). On the other hand, bright resin contains and optical brighter that makes it ideal for laminating plain white shortboards, as it’s blue colour dries clear with a faint hint of blue over the white foam, leaving the board with a “cool white” finish. This colour of resin is what is used on just about all white stock shortboards you’ll see in the shop.