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SHAPERS 9.2" CLINTON GUEST SURF BREAK SERIES  on sale at Freeeride Surf Skate. Freeride stock a full comprehensive range of surfboard fins including Shortboard Fins, Twin Fins, Quad fins, and Longboard Fins. Shop fin brands Shapers, Futures FCS brands at Freeride Surf Skate. LIVE CHAT for any fin advise from our experienced core surf shop team.

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A functional and versatile fin with a lively flex pattern. Ultra smooth through turns, lots of drive off the bottom with release off the top. Speed, power and flow make this a winning all rounder!

Clinton guest is a genuine contender on the world surf league longboard tour.
Clint’s range of signature fins promote versatile, high performance longboarding, accommodating a wide range of boards and surf conditions.
The Clinton Guest range deliver on his demands for a combination of drive, speed, responsiveness and control.

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BASE: 6.28”
DEPTH: 9.2”
RAKE: 36°
AREA: 37.47”

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