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SHAPERS DAYLITE LONG BOARD BAG SERIES | 8'0 | 9'2 | 9'6 | Shapers Daylite board bags are the best quality and value boardbag in stock at Freeride Surf Skate. Every surfboard needs protection from the sun, and those bangs and knocks a board takes getting to and from the beach. Shop Shapers board bags at Freeride Surf Skate.

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The DayLite Series is an ultra-lightweight bag designed for everyday usage. Designed with a shoulder strap, carry handle and storage pocket the DayLite Series is for hiking, short road trips, or boat transfers.

The versatile shape fits most Longboard templates 

PADDING: 5mm High-Density Impact Foam
USAGE: Single Board Protection for day or short trips

Colour: Black with Grey Trim | White Tarp Backing
Ultra-Light Weight Design
Padded Shoulder Strap
Internal Storage Pocket
Corrosive Resistant Zipper
Neoprene Padded Handle
Padded Nose Protector
12 Month Warranty

DESIGN: 8'0 With Fin Slot

FITS: 1 Board | Versatile shape fits most Funboard templates.
MAX WIDTH: 27 1/5” / 700mm
PADDING: 5mm High Density Impact Foam
USAGE: Single Board Protection for single day or short trips