Chilli A2 (Order Your Dims Now)



Chilli A2 (Order Your Dims Now) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

A board that has been slightly modified over the past year through our Project Black program. Tried, tested and loved by our team, we were excited to release it and knew you were going to love it too.


 The A2 is your everyday performance shortboard model by Chilli Surfboards and loved by the entire Chilli team. This model is a result of the project black program and is a take on a model Chilli created in 2003 which was loved by Andy Irons. A great performance board in good to pumping waves.

The A2 Chilli shortboard works best in good to pumping conditions. It has a progressive rocker helping you fit into the pocket nicely while the smooth curve outline will allow the rider to draw tight arcs.

The original cad file was named 'ai8curve.cet' and has a creation date of 12/02/2003 - it sat in the archives of James’ Macbook. This model back then (named A2 Curve) was developed with the help of Andy Irons who rode and loved the board throughout 03’ & 04’. Since then, machines and software quickly became outdated. With new technology James has resurrected some old faithful files, this being one of them. We tweaked it with a modern day outline, concave and with a few minor adjustments by our team, the board came to life.

 It sits in our Premium Performance category for a reason, the A2 likes to be pushed hard, it drives through critical sections with precision and is as smooth on rail through turns as you’d expect from a board ridden by AI. With a reasonably gentle rocker, single concave and tight squash with tail lift you can really give it some.



The A2, a shortboard you need in your quiver.